[DECOR] Did you know? Not only do indoor plants and flowers spruce up a room or office, but they
  You know that moment when you get home from work and you need something in your belly now? Instead
  Stop using plastic straws. Skip the plastic lid for your coffee. (You’re supposed to sit and enjoy it anyway.)
  It's happening. You're sneezing a little more than usual, or you just felt a little tickle in your throat.
  [PRODUCTS] Did you know? You should probably clean your makeup brushes more often than you think. The good news
  [DENTAL] If you ever get a random or sort-of-extreme diagnosis at the dentist, get a second opinion before moving
  Short answer: Tarte Long answer: Tarte can boast that their products are free of the ingredients listed below, which
  Short answer: Probably. The science is still inconclusive about aluminum (the active ingredient that prevents perspiration), but most deodorants
Short answer: Give it a try. You might feel really good (both tummy-wise and conscience-wise). Also, no one says you
  I swear this is quick, easy, and healthy. Full disclosure: The oatmeal doesn’t look like this when I make